PHP / MySQL Course in Chennai

PHP is used for creating real time internet applications with the use of databases like MySQL in order to work with several extensions that are available for developing various applications. PHP is the foundation on which different CMS frameworks like WordPress, Magento and Joomla are built; so, a good knowledge in PHP is mandatory in order to learn the CMS frameworks.

Career Opportunities

Web developer

PHP developer

Junior PHP Developer

Senior PHP Developer

PHP Programmer

Wordpress Site Developer

CMS Website Developer


4 Months

Learning the course from the best PHP training institute in Chennai will transform you into an expert in the web development field & your career is bound to take off with a flying start.

UI UX Designing in Chennai
Srinath Guna[ UI / UX ]

I was searching to do web designing course in anna nagar, when I heard about Web D School through a friend. I visited them, liked their standards & joined immediately. Now Iam working in Contus & so happy that I chose the best institute to get the web designing training.

Graphic Designing Course in Chennai
Saroj Mohan[ Graphic Designing ]

Such a great learning experience in learning Graphic Design programme in Web D school. Amiable environment and approachable staff encouraged me.

Web Designing Course Chennai
Sanjay V[ Web Designing ]

If you wish to learn wed designing, learn from the best. Web D school satisfies the above quote in all aspects. Thank you.

What is PHP?

The History of PHP

Setting up your Local Host

talling PHP, Apache, MySQL using WAMP Server

PHP Statements

Inserting Code Comments

Variables & Literals

Data Types

Declaring and using Constants

Understanding Variable Scope


Indexed Array

Associative Array

Multidimensional Array

Array Functions

If Statements

Else & Elseif Statements

For, While & Do-While

Switch Statement

Defining Functions

Function Arguments

Returning Values from a Function

Multiple Return Values

Scope and Global Variables

Setting Default Argument Values

Building Forms

Detecting Form Submissions


Page Form Processing

Validating Form Values

Problems with Validation Logic

Displaying Validation Errors

Custom Validation Functions

Single-Page Form with Validations

Understanding File & Directory

Opening & Closing a File

Coping, Renaming & Deleting a File

Working with Directories

File Uploading & Downloading



Concepts & Basics of OOP


Class Methods

Instances of Classes

Class Properties

Instances of Classes

Class Properties


Access Modifiers

Static Modifiers

Constructors & Destructors


Exception & Error

Try, Catch & Throw

Working with Cookies

Setting Cookie Values

Reading Coolie Values

Unsetting Cookie Values

Working with Sessions

Configuring PHP for Uploads

Sending File as Form Data

Inspecting Uploaded Files

Error Checking

Moving Uploads

Concepts of Pagination

Limit, Offset & Count

Pagination Variables

Pagination Class

Paginating Photograph

Paginating Links

Configuration of PHP for Email

Sending Email


Reviewing SMTP

PHP Mailer

Building Notifications

Basics Directory Structure

Creating Database

Creating Tables

Fields & Indexes

Writing SQL Queries

Creating Views

Subqueries, Joins & Unions

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Data Manipulation Language

Data Definition Language


Inserting Records

Updating Records

Deleting Records

Using Built-In Functions




Web Designing Jobs in Chennai

Web Designing Jobs in Chennai

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UI UX design courses have become very popular over the last few years, as every business seems to have understood the importance of having a neat website with 'good look & feel'.

Angular JS

PHP is used for creating real time internet applications with the use of databases like MySQL in order to work with several extensions that are available for developing various applications.

Cake PHP

Wordpress is a free, Open source content management system, which is based on PHP & MySQL. It is the most powerful CMS framework to create, publish and manage the contents online.