Digital Marketing Course in Chennai

We are living in a digital world today where people prefer to spend more time with their smartphones or wifi-enabled computers than watching television or reading newspaper/magazines. Statistics reveal that this digital domain is going to get only bigger & so it’s no big surprise that all companies are investing huge amounts of their advertising budget in the digital space.

Our digital marketing course trains the student in the entire sphere of digital marketing with the help of some live projects & we have spent hundreds of man-hours in framing the most comprehensive digital marketing training program taught in Chennai.

Career Opportunities

Elearning companies

Ecommerce companies

Advertisement agencies

Internet content providing companies


Digital Marketing firms

IT companies & all other product/services selling companies.


2 Months

Digital marketing course offers tremendous career options to students pursuing it, but one must be extremely cautious in choosing the right institute. Not everybody can teach digital marketing; learning from the best tutor will make a huge difference to one’s career. So, enquire well before you enroll for the digital marketing course.

UI UX Designing in Chennai
Srinath Guna[ UI / UX ]

I was searching to do web designing course in anna nagar, when I heard about Web D School through a friend. I visited them, liked their standards & joined immediately. Now Iam working in Contus & so happy that I chose the best institute to get the web designing training.

Graphic Designing Course in Chennai
Saroj Mohan[ Graphic Designing ]

Such a great learning experience in learning Graphic Design programme in Web D school. Amiable environment and approachable staff encouraged me.

Web Designing Course Chennai
Sanjay V[ Web Designing ]

If you wish to learn wed designing, learn from the best. Web D school satisfies the above quote in all aspects. Thank you.

What is traditional marketing?

Key concepts of Digital Marketing

Your vision, goals & milestones

Digital Marketing campaign objectives

Introduction to SEO

SEO guidelines for customizing website design

Keyword Research

Competitor analysis

On-Page Optimization

Off-Site Optimization

Advanced Link Building Techniques

Tips & Tricks to reach top position

SEO Measurement metrics

SEO tools

Introduction to AdWords / Pay per click (PPC)

Account Structure

Keywords research

Creating a compelling ad campaign

Ad Extensions

Display Ads & Display Targeting

PPC Budgeting & Bid Management

Quality Score metrics

AdWords Reports

Optimizing the PPC campaign

Introduction to Social Media

Social Media Optimisation

Working out clear objectives

Introduction to various Social Media channels

Understanding their strengths & functionalities

Building a Social Media Strategy

Facebook Marketing

Twitter Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing

Pinterest Marketing

Google+ Marketing

Social Listening

Online Reputation Management

Social Media campaign Measurement

Integrating Social Media with Other verticals

Introduction to Content Marketing

Executing a Content Marketing Strategy

Influencer Marketing

Blogs & Newsletters

Affiliate marketing

Making money via adsense & blogging

Social Media Channels

Content Marketing Budget and Measurement

Introduction to Email Marketing

Understanding Spam & Data protection regulations

Market research

Split testing

Audience segmentation

Designing a good email with great content

Opt Ins & Subscriber Management

Email delivery & reporting

Marketing Automation

Email tools

Introduction to Mobile Marketing

Sms campaigns

Mobile website optimization

Incentives and Loyalty Programs

Advertising in mobile apps & games

Integrating with social media platforms

Mobile Marketing Measurement

Introduction to YouTube and Video Marketing

Establishing a Video Marketing Strategy Preview

Gaining Exposure and analyzing Impact

Promoting Mobile Video

Video marketing measurement

Display Advertising: How it all works

Targeting & Retargeting Advertising

How to track Cookies

Creating compelling display banners & content

Display advertising measurement

Introduction to Conversion Optimization

Understanding customers & initiating communication

Creating landing Pages

Lead generation for business


Conversion & Web Analytics

Integrating Conversion with Online marketing

Introduction to Web Analytics

Key Performance Indicators


Qualitative Data

Experimentation and Testing

Competitor data analysis

Campaign Tracking

Multi-Channel Attribution

Introduction to Google analytics

Advanced Table Filtering

Analytics Intelligence

Mobile Application Tracking

Multiple Goals and Goal Types

Tracking Unique Visitors

Custom Data Alerts

UTM Tracking Parameters

Preparing a detailed report based on analytics

Devising a Digital marketing strategy

Situation analysis

Audience segmentation

Defining objectives

Budget setting

Allocating resources

Selecting the right channels

Identifying the deliverables

Implementing the strategy

Using the analytics report to constantly improve performance

Web Designing Jobs in Chennai

Web Designing Jobs in Chennai

SEO Master

Search engine optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website.

Graphic Designing

Graphic design can be best defined as the art of combining text & pictures to create a visual design, which would be used in the print and publishing field.

UI UX Designing

UI UX design courses have become very popular over the last few years, as every business seems to have understood the importance of having a neat website.