2D animation means creating movements using characters & backgrounds in a two-dimensional artistic space. The characters created under 2D animation can move up & down, left & right, but not towards & away from the viewer as in 3D animation. 2D animation uses bitmap and vector graphics to make and edit the animated images and is created using computers and software programs.

The 2D animation industry is gaining good traction in India, where many production companies have started to work on their own content for the TV medium, primarily for the kids’ channels. Also the eLearning industry, which uses 2D animation extensively for its teaching purposes, is going through a boom phase & it has increased the demand as well. Apart from these 2 major industries, the flash gaming portals, advertisements & internet content videos have made the career option of 2D animator very lucrative.

Our 2D animation course has been designed in such a comprehensive manner that it covers every single aspect of animation like Drawing, Storyboarding, Digital painting, Creating Walk-cycles, Colour theory, Pre-production, Adding effects, Audio & Video editing etc. The biggest highlight of the course is that we have also included the Graphic designing curriculum as a part of it, thereby offering another avenue for the student as a job option.

At Web D School, we are involved in so many live projects, & most animation students are offered an opportunity to work in them as part of their portfolio. We also arrange Seminars by Industry experts, Regular workshops & contests to keep our students updated about the latest trends & techniques being followed in the industry.

Softwares Covered




After effects

Sound Forge

Premiere pro

Career Opportunities

Animation companies

Advertisement companies


Game designing



Storyboard artist

Content developer

Video editor

2D FX compositor


4 Months

This 2D Animation course in Chennai is the best training program for those students who are focused to work only in a 2D environment, & will definitely give them a good career to start with.

Web Designing Jobs in Chennai

Web Designing Jobs in Chennai

Graphic Designing

Graphic design can be best defined as the art of combining text & pictures to create a visual design, which would be used in the print and publishing field.

UI UX Designing

UI UX design courses have become very popular over the last few years, as every business seems to have understood the importance of having a neat website.

Web Deisgning

Our Web designing training program has been designed in such a holistic manner that it makes those students taking the course a thorough professional by the end of it.