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If you are looking to pursue the best Graphic designing course in Chennai (or) web designing course in Chennai (or) UI UX designer course in Chennai, then you are at the right place - Web D School.

Over the years, Web D School has risen gradually to become the best training institute in Chennai for students aspiring to pursue career-oriented courses in the above-mentioned fields. We are also very competent in training programs like Digital marketing course, Film editing course & Android development course.

There is huge demand for designing professionals today & it would be a smart move for a student to do a Web designing course, UI UX designing course or Graphic design courses in Chennai. All our training programs are completely job-oriented & we are proud of the fact that we have been maintaining 100% placement record so far.

We also offer customized training programs to corporates looking to upskill their employees.

Multiple job opportunities await you! Join us NOW!

Career Courses

Graphic Web Design & Development Course in Chennai

Graphic Web Designing & Development Course

(Graphic Design, Web Design & Development Course) is a comprehensive training program best suited to those students who aspire to learn the entire concepts of Designing.

Web Designing Course in Chennai

Advanced Web Designing Course in Chennai

Web Design can be best defined as the task of designing HTML driven web pages to be displayed over the World Wide Web. The different areas of web design include Web Graphic Design, Interface Design and Authoring including standardised code.

Graphic Designing Course in Chennai

Graphic Designing Course in Chennai

Graphic design can be best defined as the art of combining text & pictures to create a visual design, which would be used in the print and publishing field.

Web Development Course in Chennai

Web Designing & Development Course

Web Development course is a comprehensive training program best suited to those students who aspire to know the front end designing part as well as the back end coding part.

UI UX Course in Chennai

UI / UX Design Course

UX Design refers to the term User Experience Design, while UI Design stands for User Interface Design & both these components are extremely crucial to any website or app. UI UX professionals are responsible for the best possible 'look & feel' as well as the smooth functionalities of a site.

PHP MySQL Course in Chennai

PHP / MySQL Course

PHP is used for creating real time internet applications with the use of databases like MySQL in order to work with several extensions that are available for developing various applications.

Film Editing Course in Chennai

Film Editing Course

They say 50% of a film is made in the editing table' & it's totally true. The editor plays a huge role in making the final output, be it a film or music video or advertisement, look great.

Digital Marketing Course in Chennai

Digital Marketing Course

Every one is talking about digital marketing today & you are curious too to build a career in that industry. But you are not clear about what exactly is Digital Marketing? Let us explain. To simply put, the marketing of products or services using digital channels to reach customers is called Digital Marketing.



Great Demand

Designing industry is going through an excellent growth phase all across the globe, while statistics reveal that India would need atleast 2,00,000 design professionals in the next 2 years. Students who have undergone Graphic design training, Web design training & UI UX training are going to be in great demand in the forth-coming years.

Easy to Learn

Graphic design course, Web designing course & UI UX design courses are very easy to learn, unlike other software programs which involves heavy coding. Even those who are not very familiar with computer programming can understand these courses and this is a big benefit for students without IT background.

Excellent Salary & Growth Opportunities

The starting salary for a designing student (fresher) can be in the range of 12-18k & it depends on the skill of the student & their choice of industry. The growth opportunities are excellent in this field, where most would climb the corporate ladder very fast to get a salary on par with their IT friends within 3 years.

Recession Proof Industry

Unlike the software industry, which has frequent recession phases resulting in thousands of job cuts quite often, the designing industry is solid & recession proof. There has been no instance in the last 15 years, where people from the designing industry have lost jobs due to economic slowdown.

Freelance Jobs

A big plus in pursuing any of these training programs like Graphic designing course, Web designing course, UI UX designing course, Digital marketing course, Film editing course etc is that you could earn a substantial amount of money by doing freelance jobs after your work hours & during the week ends. There are so many foreign projects in Graphic designing, Web designing, Editing, UI designing & SEO, which pays you by the hour and it can, after a while, become a sizeable income for you.

Multiple Job Options

A course in the designing field can throw open a lot of job openings for the students, from which he/she can select the best one. For instance, the choice of industry can be from IT firms, ecommerce companies, eLearning, Print & Publishing, Web designing, Advertising companies, ePublishing, Gaming, Television channels, Internet content etc.


Pull up your socks & join Graphic design course, Web design course & UI UX design course at the best institute in Chennai - Web D School.

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